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Ray on the Fringe Legal Podcast

Last month, Ray joined Ab Saraswat on the Fringe Legal podcast. They spoke about: the difference in tech adoption between in-house teams and AmLaw firms adoption of the cloud dynamics of the in-house/outside counsel relationship. The link is above, the transcript … Read More

Thoughts on LegalTech in AmLaw Firms

It’s been six months since I joined the legal tech community. The number of articles and blogs I’ve read, podcasts I’ve listened to, and conversations I’ve had in which people bring up AmLaw firms’ reticence to adopt technology is overwhelming. … Read More

Co-Founder Ray Biederman on Ari Kaplan’s Reinventing Professionals

Recently, our Co-Founder and CEO Ray Biederman spoke with Ari Kaplan about his background, the rise of ALSPs, and trends in the eDiscovery market. Thanks to Ari for having us on! Visit or  to learn more about Ari and hear great conversations … Read More

Intuitive Reporting for Non-Relativity Experts

In House Legal Teams It’s Wednesday at 1:30 pm when the general counsel pops into your office. Your company is entrenched in complex litigation. To date, your company has already paid sizable invoices for custodian interviews, document collection, and data … Read More

Where I Got the Idea for DiscoveryMaster

Becoming a lawyer was not Plan A. My undergrad degree is in music education. If not for crimped education budgets and a looming recession when I graduated, I’d probably be in a high school orchestra room right now, not in … Read More