Our Mission

We make eDiscovery more intuitive. Our platform was designed by practicing litigators to ensure that every project stakeholder - the corporate client, law firm litigator, channel partner, and document review company, have access to the same information at the same time.

Everyone with a document review project in Relativity has 3 questions:


What have you found?


How much has it cost?


When will you be done?

DiscoveryMaster answers all those questions and automates reviewer QC stats.
One login allows you to see every single project no matter where the data lives: every channel partner, every review vendor, on-prem or RelOne.

Most legaltech software is not designed and built by practicing litigators. We’re an exception to that rule.

When I was a senior associate at an AmLaw 100 firm, I was charged with leading document review projects for multiple partners. At any time, that meant tracking hundreds of contract reviewers and multiple Relativity instances. Compiling, updating, and distributing reports took far too much manual effort (and billable hours that should have been spent practicing law, not fussing with Excel). 

Later, three partners from that firm and I founded our own litigation firm and an eDiscovery services and consulting firm. I began looking for a tool that would federate access across Relativity instances so I could see every document review project in one place. We discovered no such tool existed – and decided to build it ourselves. We are not technologists operating on a hunch with some venture capital – DiscoveryMaster has been bootstrapped from our firsthand experience as first chair litigators and eDiscovery counsel for large organizations.

Thanks for considering DiscoveryMaster.


Co-Founder, CEO

"We recognize that DiscoveryMaster is the only tool of its kind and an essential for any legal professional managing in-house or remote document review."

"Introducing it into our Suite of Technology adds a specialized project management layer to our already comprehensive selection of advanced eDiscovery software."
Christine Porras
Director of Technology Solutions | Oasis