See all document review projects in Relativity–no matter where the data lives.

We make project reporting and QC stats easy.

What We Do

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Automated project metrics and QC stats for on-prem and RelativityOne workspaces.

relativity metrics

Federated Access Across Hosting Environments

Track entire workspaces or select batch sets, within or across Relativity instances.

Increase Trust and Transparency

End the game of telephone between clients, counsel, channel partners, and document review providers for project updates—everyone with Relativity credentials has the same information at the same time.

Sound Familiar?
With DiscoveryMaster
No Delays

Information is timely, transparent, and updated automatically.

Stay Ahead

Conversations are proactive, not reactive.

Better Relationships

Work product and relationships improve because each stakeholder is working with the same information.

Recent Blog Posts

Ray Interviewed on EDRM’s Illumination Zone Podcast

Our CEO and co-founder Ray Biederman was recently interviewed on the Illumination Zone podcast by EDRM’s Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad. Below’s transcript has been lightly condensed and edited for clarity.  Mary: Hello and welcome to the EDRM Global Podcast Network, and

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“Alternative” Legal Service Providers

At some point, the “A” will probably fall off “ALSP.” That’s the general conclusion of Thompson Reuters’ excellent Alternative Legal Service Providers 2021: Strong Growth, Mainstream Acceptance, and No Longer an “Alternative.” At their best, ALSPs perform two functions concurrently: Allow

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Commentary on “The E-Discovery Identity Crisis”

Recently, Rhys Dipshan published a good piece on entitled The E-Discovery Identity Crisis. It examines the marketplace dynamics between law firms, ALSPs, and corporate clients and whether the “juice is worth the squeeze” for law firms to set up captive ALSPs. Different

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